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HONG PHAT TRADING AND SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a company specializing in providing medical equipment, scientific experiments of reputable manufacturers in the world to help Vietnamese health industry have the necessary equipment. Highest technical, best quality, most perfect warranty and maintenance service with the motto:

“Quality of service is credibility in the marketplace”

– With a contingent of officers who are well trained and formally trained …

Capacity profile

After 17 years of operation and development, Hong Phat Trading & Service Joint Stock Company has achieved steady progress and affirmed its position as one of the prestigious enterprises in the field: Providing these Medical, experimental and scientific equipment of reputable manufacturers worldwide to help Vietnam’s health sector have the highest equipment, best quality …


Become the No. 1 reputable service provider in the field of health with strong financial potential.


Join the global supply chain. Your success is our success. "Quality of service is credible in the marketplace."

Core values

Customers are the center, investing in human resource development and sustainable growth



– Trading in medical equipment.
– Trading in pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.
– Trading in chemicals.
– Trading in production materials, consumer materials.
– Trading in telecommunications equipment, technical equipment, school equipment.
– Agents buy, sell, consignment goods.
– Designing services for prototyping and printing.
– Service warranty, maintenance of medical equipment, construction, civil and industrial, transport and irrigation.
– Producing and processing all kinds of bamboo and rattan products, handicrafts.

Investment sector

– Investing in medical, experimental, scientific and technical machinery and equipment for state-run clinics and hospitals in the form of business.
– Promoting investigation and opening clinics and private hospitals under the policy of socialization of the health sector of the government.

Supply of medical equipment

– Consult medical equipment, experiments for medical facilities, hospitals in the form of package payment from different sources of capital.
– Participate in bidding to supply equipment from the state budget, etc.
– Participate in providing equipment for national projects, projects of non-governmental organizations, etc.
– Participate in providing medical, experimental, scientific and technical equipment regularly through a nationwide distribution system.

Warranty and maintenance services

– Participate in providing equipment warranty service for projects from ODA, capital from non-governmental organizations.
– Participate in providing equipment warranty service for hospitals provided by Hong Phat or at the hospital’s request.
– Participate in providing maintenance services for all medical devices after the warranty period in different forms.

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